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Cover Your South African Cleaner, Nanny or Gardener for Work-Related Injury or Illness
Employers are now required by law to register their employees. Claim for any injuries sustained from accidents at home that leave employees temporarily or permanently disabled.

From as little as R32 per month.
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Why Register?
Anyone who is employed under a contract of service and receives wages, salary on weekly or monthly basis may claim compensation in terms of the Act. Dependants of an employee who is fatally injured can also claim compensation.
Employers are obliged by the Act to take out this insurance to be protected against civil claims if employees get injured on duty or contract occupational diseases.
Employees who are injured on duty or who contracted occupational diseases can claim compensation for temporary or permanent disability.
Who is exempt?
1. National and provincial government
2. Municipalities who have exemption certificates
3. Employers who are fully insured by RMA or FEMA

How It Works

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